A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Star Strike: Final Stand is a game that was made for a 'monthly game jam' event run by McGill's game development club. As opposed to many of the other game development projects I had worked on before this, such as weekend game jams, this game was developed solely by myself over the course of a few weeks. For this event, those who decided to participate were tasked with creating a game that followed the theme of: Multiple Perspectives.

In this game you play as a space ship trying to defend your city from an extraterrestrial threat. The gameplay is best described as a 3D wave-based shoot 'em up; however, the player is restricted to movement along four vertical tracks. You can move your spaceship up and down these tracks, which are separated by 90 degrees around the surface of a cylinder. Meanwhile, enemies spawn down these tracks, as well as in the centre of the cylinder. It is your goal to shoot these enemies and stop them from reaching the bottom, wherein they will damage the city. The twist is: enemies may have a variety of shields to protect them from certain directions. You therefore need to swap between the different positions around the cylinder to ensure you can hit their weak points.

Creating this game made for a very enjoyable experience where I continued to learn more and more, not only about the Unity3D engine, but also game design and development as a whole. Since I created this game entirely on my own I had to do everything from the programming to the art. 

Created: September, 2018


StarStrike_PC.zip 28 MB
StarStrike_Mac.app.zip 31 MB